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Get High-Speed Internet With Our Wi-Fi Hotspot

Access the Internet at your home, camp, lodge - wherever you are and with no concerns about usage. Let Louisiana Wireless provide you with password-secure Wi-Fi hotspots with unlimited data. Stream movies online, watch videos on YouTube, and access social media websites as much as you want with no surprise overages showing up on your phone plan.

Choose our unlimited data plan and connect to up to 5 devices; you'll no longer need to worry about a high bill or how much data you use! Call us today and get a plan that truly offers unlimited data.

Check Out Our Phone Plans

Let us help you select the right plan that suits your needs:
  • FAST $109 (Device) $37 / month
  • FASTER $129 (Device) $47 / month
  • FASTEST $139 (Device) $57 / month
Rest easy knowing you'll get unlimited data at the same price - or less - than what you're paying for your existing phone plan.

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